Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Faux Leather Box Using Resin

Wouldn't Lily Munster just love getting her Mother's Day Present in this lovely faux leather coffin box? Now your mother may not like a "coffin" box, but this technique works great on any box, book cover or even mirror!

This is a fun technique that you can use with so many other projects and is adapted from Andy Skinner's technique. I have done this same technique large boxes and it looks amazing!

Resin Pieces
Tissue Paper (any color)
Black Acrylic Paint
Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint
Raw Sienna Acrylic Paint
Decoupage Glue or Gel Medium
e6000 Glue
Brushes- 1 course bristle brush

Gather up all your left over resin pieces.... great way to recycle some pieces and parts. Then pick out some pieces you want to attach to your box. 

Then find a box. You can use any type box but I am using a coffin shaped box from the dollar store.

Put the lid on your box and draw a line around the lid. This is where you will limit your tissue paper layer. 

Start gluing your resin pieces to your box. After about 15 minutes cover the lid completely with the decoupage glue.

Crinkle up your tissue paper, straighten it out and then start pressing it into your lid. You will need to apply glue to the top as well. You do not want any air pockets, so flatted it down with a layer of glue. If it is too large of a tissue paper crinkle it won't look like leather. You are just trying to get a rough wrinkled texture. 

Use your course bristle brush to really work the tissue into the design of your resin piece.

Once the glue is dry, you can start painting. The first coat is acrylic black. Completely cover the lid and bottom, inside and out. Let dry. 

Once it dries you will dry brush the next layer. You will use Burnt Sienna for this. You can buy these colors in craft paint, so don't be alarmed!
What is dry brushing?
Dry brushing is when the paint brush has paint on it but not loaded with paint. You drip your brush in paint and then wipe it off on a paper towel. It works best with a course brush.

This is a too wet. Luckily, we can always paint over it with black or use a paper towel to wipe it off, or dab off some. 

It's starting to look really cool! You can even dry brush some back in some spots as a touch up, but always go over with the burnt sienna.. There is a reason for the layers. The darkest color is on the bottom, then lighter then lightest on top. Don't deviate from that.

Once you are satisfied, you will then move on to the lightest color, Raw Umber. Dry brush your highlights.  At this point you could substitute a metallic Rub n Buff color, but I wanted to keep it as leathery as possible, so I went with the raw umber. 

You are just lightly skimming the surface with your dry brush. Do not try to get in the grooves. You want the black to be deep in the crevices. It will dry lighter and look more realistic.

This looks like an area that would need touching up but when it dried it was hardly noticeable. 

I absolutely LOVE this technique. If you are into Steampunk, you can really do some fun things! 

This is a similar technique on a notebook and a mirror using metal tape and substituting raw sienna for silver Rub n Buff  and resin Ouija board pieces and gears from purchased molds.

Notebook and Mirror from the Dollar Store.

Craft Your Own Way!

Tanya Ruffin


Sunday, April 5, 2015

DIY Upscale a Dollar Store Compact

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Resin Embellished Compact

I started off with a Dollar Tree compact,  it actually came with a large hand mirror, so it was cheaper than a dollar!

This is a fairly quick and cheap way to jazz up a compact. I plan on doing a similar effect with the large mirror and this was my successful test!
DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Open the mirror up and lay it flat (mirror side down) on a non stick surface. Pour some Amazing Clear Cast on the surface making sure that it doesn't drip off the edge.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Gather your powders. I chose several colors of Alumidust.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create
Sprinkle several colors of Alumidust. I placed a small amount on the end of a craft stick and tapped the stick till the powder lightly feel onto the surface.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Using a stick, ( I had a chop stick) i swirl the powders to make a faux marbled look. 

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Let cure. Keep checking to make sure the resin doesn't drip into the hinge.
If it does, you can clean up with a craft knife.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

Using a purchased craft mold I dusted the inside of the design with more Alumidust.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

I tinted my Amazing Casting Resin (not the clear) with yellow dye and poured.

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create

I embellished with some stringed beads using e6000.
I dripped a little clear resin to further secure the beads and to finish the look.
This will keep the beads from getting knocked off inside a purse!

DIY Upscale Compact: Tanya Ruffin for Geaux Create


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Resin Knight Light

My middle name is my mother's maiden name, Knight, so I am always on the look out for anything with a knight on it. Perhaps this is why I went back to school for medieval art history.... Anyway, I digress (as usual), this Mardi Gras, I caught a bead that had a light up knight...of course I had to make something with it. This project is a Knight Light.

I created a mold using Amazing Rubber Putty.
No matter how I tried, my knight would not stayed taped or glued down to the plastic container. I think it was because it was a soft plastic. I just kept poking it down with a craft stick and finally I sucked the last bit of fight out of him and drowned the resilient knight. He stayed down and created a nice mold.

I also made a mold of some other catches. I can't wait to use the cherries!
Using some of the Amazing crafting Products Alumidust, I dusted the inside of the mold with the gold Alumidust. 

Following the directions, I mixed up some Clear Cast and poured the mold.

The knight looks a little like C3PO in this bright gold but when lit up it looks amazing!. I purchased a Dollar Store night light and my hubby cut the plastic shield down about 2 inches. 

Using E6000, I glued the knight to the front of the night light shielding.

The gold Alumidust over clear resin gives it just enough color to give a slight gold light. 

I just LOVE the result! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

After the Glitter Fades: Four Things to Make with Mardi Gras Beads

The street cleaners have made their rounds and Mardi Gras is officially over. All that is left is garbage and beads, lots of beads. Actually, tons of beads!

Kids and mostly adults begs for these plastic trinkets like they can be traded in like S & H Green Stamps (now i am aging myself).

Well, if you are one of those successful beggars then you came home with a few sacks of these precious gems. Now what?

Here are a few ideas of things you can make with your trivial possessions that are just taking up space. 

Mardi Gras Bead Chandeliers:

These are fun to make and we even have a class on this at Create Studios.
For more info on the class click here.
I spray painted green beads black to make one for Halloween!

Bead Art:

This is really a lot easier than it looks. 
For full project click here.

Beaded Flamingo:

This can be done on any object. Just remember that the beads make the item thicker, so you will lose any details. 

For full project click here.

Beaded Anchors:

This is a deep pot and didn't need more than this.
This is a great use of beads. Ever have that artificial flower or plant that keeps tipping over? I have a artificial banana plant that is pretty heavy and kept falling out of the pot. I put the plant in and filled it with the uglier beads I did use for any of my other projects. Now it is sturdy! 

You can also put beads in a potted plant outside for some color. Water will flow through it and it will deter critters from digging in it, Some beads fade in the sun, so you may have to refresh this every so often,

Good Luck and Craft Your Own Way!

Create Studios Baton Rouge
Geaux Create